Secure document and data sharing – easy, fast and efficient

Creating a comprehensive, self-serve ‘shared-drive’ across teams, firms and clients; VaultConnect streamlines secure exchange of confidential information and sensitive data.

In an intuitive environment that looks, feels and behaves like users’ everyday file manager, it is possible to define granular access rights and put you in control of your valuable information.

Replace inefficient and risky ‘transmission’ methods

Email, public file sharing services and simple upload / access client portals can create as many problems as they solve.

Email is inherently insecure – it is readily intercepted by cyber-criminals, it is easily misdirected and its simplicity and convenience often leads to clients finding it easier to request the piece of information that they are looking for rather than look for it in their own filing system.  Encrypted email can offer a degree of security, but more often it is what clients send in than what your firm sends out that creates security risks and non-compliance.

Public file-sharing services like Dropbox are convenient but it is easy to lose control.  It is not always clear where the data is stored (making compliance with GDPR a challenge) and managing access rights across multiple clients / partners can be challenging.

Client portals that are an extension of existing client management / case management or practice management tools may appear to solve the problem.  But for clients often all they do is shift the actions of composing an email and adding an attachment to your website.  Multiple versions of the same document can prevail and clients default to the easiest way to communicate – emailing you (thus defeating the purpose).

By creating a comprehensive library where clients can easily upload and access information, VaultConnect ensures that adoption is fast and good habits are built quickly.  It’s secure, it’s more productive and it is better for you and for clients.

Enjoy access from any device in any location

VaultConnect requires no software to be installed and is accessible on any modern browser.  The secure access ensures that upload and download access is secure even on public wifi.

Stay in control

All activities are time-stamped, date-stamped and user stamped – creating detailed audit trails.   Granular permissions can ensure that clients or partners can only see and do what you need them to.

  • End-to-end encryption to AES-256 (military grade) standards

  • Granular user permissions for controlled access to every folder

  • GDPR Ready

  • Custom branding for site and notifications

  • Secure access from any device using any modern browser

  • Easily share large files

  • ‘Single version of the truth’ – system of record with unlimited file versions and deleted file restore

  • Unlimited log of user activity in detailed audit trails

  • Comprehensive self-serve ‘shared-drive’ that looks, feels and behaves like your every day file manager