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DSP Toolkit made Simple

DPO Support Service

Take the worry out of GDPR Compliance and the pain out of completing the NHS DSP Toolkit

Take away the stress, save money and reduce the risks to your practice

Countdown to 30 September 2020
DSP Toolkit Deadline

Support for Dental Practice Data Protection Officers

The DPO Support Service helps dentists and practice managers fulfil their requirements as a DPO without the pain.  A 9-Step guided process, supported by templates and on-call support, simplifies the ongoing compliance tasks.  

The ComplianceVault captures and holds the necessary evidence of compliance and enables ongoing review each year. This demonstrates compliance to regulatory bodies and removes the pain from annual tasks like completing the DSP Toolkit.

Get Compliant – The 9-Step process is straightforward, time-efficient and ensures all compliance considerations have been taken into account 

Remain Compliant – The ComplianceVault makes it easy to conduct regular reviews and stay on top of essential compliance tasks such as incident management and updating the DSP Toolkit

Make it Simple – Guidance, templates and on-call support make it possible for your practice DPO to carry out their responsibilities in complete confidence, with the added security of an expert ‘Master DPO’ to call on if ever they need it.

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Don’t just take our word for it:

Towards the end of last year we had a data protection issue and I was signposted to Richard at Vaultconnect.

Richard was really friendly on the phone and gave me clear and concise information on how to proceed. Even though I thought I knew what to do it was brilliant being able to ask someone who really knows his stuff. He cleared some grey areas and left me confident with my next step.

If you have any issues with the dreaded GDPR  or any of your working practices your first place to contact should be Vaultconnect

Empire House Dental

It was bad enough having a break-in, but having to work out whether we had or hadn’t had a data breach and who we needed to report what to was an added stress.   

I was pointed in the direction of VaultConnect by Keith at RightPath4 and Richard was really helpful.  He helped me assess the situation and risks and walked through the actions I needed to take – including what the regulators would be looking for.  

He took the drama out of the situation and data compliance, helping me confidently do what I needed to do to get back to caring for patients.   I can’t thank Richard and Keith enough.

London City Dentists

The advice I received from VaultConnect was invaluable.  

We had to resolve a situation over ownership and access to data when there was a change of practice structure and there were a lot of grey areas. 

Things had got to the point where it looked like we may need lawyers to help us sort it out.  

Richard helped us to figure out the facts and calmly establish a set of principles – from there we were able to reach agreement and move forward without risk to the practice or the privacy of our patients.

Romiley Dental Practice

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