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DPO Solution for Dentists

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the definition of a ‘public body’ under the Data Protection Act 2018 requires dental practices who carry out NHS work to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

This legal obligation presents an enormous challenge for small health practices because at first glance it can seem impossible to meet the requirements. The BDA’s attempts to lobby government to overturn this were unsuccessful.

VaultConnect and Data Compliance Doctors have come together to build a scheme designed to fulfil the needs of small health practices who offer NHS dental treatment.

Data Protection Officer for Dental Practices – GDPR Compliance without the pain and cost

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The scheme delivers expert DPO support at a fraction of the cost of training or appointing an outsourced DPO through a consultancy.

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The scheme also ensures that the requirement for “Proven ‘expert knowledge’ of data protection law and practices” is met whilst ensuring no “conflict of interests” (i.e. with a role that determines the purposes and the means of the processing of personal data).

By providing a scheme focused purely on the needs of General Dental Practitioners providing NHS treatment we can also keep members abreast of relevant developments in the data privacy landscape.

Advantages of The Dental Practice GDPR Compliance Scheme

  • You fulfil your obligation to have a named, compliant DPO at a fraction of the cost of an out-sourced solution

  • You will be in control of your practice’s compliance. The scheme is designed specifically for small dental practices and members will be trained and supported in groups – allowing for specific questions and challenges to be addressed.

  • You will be trained and able to demonstrate compliance – FAST.  Training takes place online, in short sessions and at a time to suit your working day

  • Your training is action focused.  Simple tasks between conveniently timed sessions will build your knowledge and ensure your practice is compliant and operating best practice

  • Continuous support will keep you abreast of changes in the data privacy landscape AND allow in-depth analysis of specific challenges faced by dental practices

  • You’ll gain access to tools and services that will close common gaps in compliance – e.g. compliant data backup and secure sharing of sensitive personal data

  • You’ll be fully supported by the best. Training and support is provided by data privacy professionals with a combined knowledge and experience of data privacy with credit bureaus, central government and data industry lobby groups during the consultations leading up to GDPR

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Data Protection Officer for Dental Practices – GDPR Compliance without the pain and cost

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Each week we examine an element of the GDPR and its impact for Dental Practices in a little more detail.   

Each webinar typically lasts 20-30 minutes (we allow a little longer for questions and answers at the end – sometimes this can be the most important part).   

They run at the same time each week and we make the recordings available to be viewed On Demand afterwards.

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