VaultConnect | For Inquiries and Investigations

Streamlining the exchange and storage of case-related documents, data, and digital information.

The volume of documents and other records relevant to any inquiry or investigation can be enormous and in many cases the information captured is of the most sensitive nature.

Managing the sharing and exchange of information, controlling access and ensuring complete security at all times is a challenge.

Exchanging documents by email is fraught with danger.   Open email is a security nightmare with risks of misdirection, interception and the challenge of ensuring all parties are viewing the latest version of any document.  Encrypted email solutions may secure the content of an email but do not resolve the problem completely.

VaultConnect meets the challenge by providing a secure Vault where documents and information can be exchanged.   Access control can be managed using granular permissions to ensure members of an inquiry or investigation team can only access the information they are entitled to.

By creating a secure Vault for each case, it is possible to configure the layout to guide the team to capture, store and share the information and documents gathered and created whilst managing the case.

All activity within the Vault is time-stamped, date-stamped and user-stamped providing a full audit trail of what information was added, viewed or amended when.

Information can be shared securely across multiple domains – providing access to lawyers, law enforcement or other agencies needing to take part in a case.

The robust security standards of VaultConnect ensure that the document store is fully GDPR and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) compliant.

Working with our partners at Intersol Global, we are able to build a VaultConnect solution that supports best practice in Investigation Management.