Vault Connect | For Accounting Firms

Streamline and Secure Client Communications

Never mind the compliance and security risk, the inefficiencies of email and other ‘transmission’ methods of sharing and exchanging information could be costing you dearly.

A self-service online Vault improves the client experience, reduces the cost to serve and ensures confidential documents and sensitive personal information is managed securely.

Better still, on-demand access to financial data, reports, compliance documents and everything else the client needs makes communication more efficient.

As accountancy firms seek to focus on value-adding services as margins for compliance work become squeezed, a secure online Vault can help to address the following challenges:

  • Reducing “Can you just….” requests from clients requesting information that has already been provided but they can’t lay their hands on quickly
  • Removing insecure email communications from clients – for example submitting payroll files
  • Avoiding email ‘overwhelm’ and multiple versions of attachments creating confusion and disorganisation
  • Removing the risk of sensitive or confidential information being accidentally sent to the wrong email recipient
  • Organising communication and keeping an audit trail of changes and approvals
  • Creating a true self-serve ‘shared drive’ for a client – ensuring a single version of the truth

VaultConnect provides users with:

  • A secure vault, hosted on the Internet, and available to authorised users 24/7 – from anywhere and any device
  • Banking-level security for control of access to the system, based on username, password and (if required) PIN
  • Advanced encryption of files as they are lodged in the vault
  • Multi-user capability, so that professional and client can see the same file from their
  • respective viewpoints
  • Fine-grained user permission management – allowing control over access to individual items of information
  • Automatic notification of changes to files within the Vault or new files being placed into the Vault
  • An audit trail of document delivery and access
  • Complete independence from their own or their client’s own IT systems and domain

All information is protected using military-grade AES-256 encryption and held in EU-located, fully protected data centres, subject to strict security protocols and privacy policies.

VaultConnect is designed to ensure that your information remains secure and your interactions smooth and efficient.