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VaultConnect enables the secure delivery and exchange of confidential information or sensitive data.

Its flexible nature, simple interface and its ability to integrate with other systems allows clients to meet compliance, productivity and security goals.  It is readily deployed in multiple industry sectors where there is a need to:

  • Communicate securely
  • Keep information centralised
  • Ensure documents and data is kept in the right hands

Quick to set up, simple to deploy and rapidly adopted.  Let us help you achieve your goals.

Don’t Transmit … VaultConnect

Achieving Goals

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Secure and compliant delivery of confidential information – without exposing it to the vulnerabilities of email

VaultConnect Security Summary

Dealing with the administration burden of compliance whilst remaining efficient and easy to do business with.

GDPR & Sharing Personal Information

Continuing to use email to exchange sensitive information invites unnecessary risk of cyber-fraud and data loss

Email & its threat to client / firm security