Smarter Practice, Brighter Future | Webinar for Accounting Firms

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The latest Smarter Practice, Brighter Future event challenges the claim that automation and AI spells the end for the traditional small to medium sized accountancy firm.

AccountancyAge wrote last year that it’s expected that by 2020 accounting tasks, including audits, payroll, tax, and banking will be fully automated with the use of AI-based technologies. So where does this leave the roll of the accountant and how will AI impact the profession?

In March this year the Office for National Statistics reported that more than a quarter of chartered and certified accountants in England are at risk of losing their jobs to automation

We’re delighted to be joined on this Open Webinar by Alan Hyams of MRW Corporate Solutions and Ramesh Menon of Cevitr.  We’ll discuss:

  • The obituary for the traditional Accounting Firm – premature? Inappropriate?
  • Re-framing the present – myths, misconceptions and missed opportunities
  • Technology and Automation – nothing to be scared of
  • Embracing your new Digital Workmate
  • The Future could be so much brighter – more time to do what you want – the way you want to do it
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