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Data Sheets

Continuing to use email to exchange sensitive information invites unnecessary risk of cyber-fraud and data loss

Email & its threat to client / firm security

Secure and compliant delivery of confidential information – without exposing it to the vulnerabilities of email

VaultConnect Security Summary

Are public file sharing applications a convenient and secure alternative to the weaknesses of email?

Public File Sharing Applications

Dealing with the administration burden of compliance whilst remaining efficient and easy to do business with.

GDPR & Sharing Personal Information

Meeting the law firm’s regulatory responsibilities whilst delivering efficiency, security and client convenience online.

SRA Compliance & Sharing Information

GDPR Compliance, Fraud Prevention and Personal Data – A Simple Guide for Accountancy Practices

GDPR - A Guide for Accountancy Practices

While telephone and e-mail make for an easy way to communicate with clients, they also jeopardise privacy

A Don't Transmit Communication Policy