Automating Critical Processes

Unlocking the benefits of process automation. 

Releasing business and human potential. 

VaultConnect Automate and Secure Critical Processes

Process Automation

The VaultConnect approach to automating critical processes combines best in breed technology with process and transformation expertise within a simple delivery model.

Working with our technology partners, we are able to provide enterprise class automation tools – used by some of the biggest, most successful organisations in the world.

Our service delivery model means that organisations of any size can access and apply this capability quickly (at no risk) – realising benefits in weeks.

Our approach to automation is flexible and scalable – making it possible to deploy and scale automation across critical processes quickly and flexibly.

Let us make it simple for you – meet Jo…

Cevitr Jo - A digital workmate from Cevitr

Our Technology Partner provides software robots – or digital workmates.  We call them ‘Jo’.

Most organisations rely on their people to deliver.  Those people add value through their knowledge and experience (grey hair), their skills and ability to innovate (grey matter) and spend their time using business software applications (fingers on keyboards).

Jo helps us to release the value of the grey hair and grey matter by taking fingers off keyboards.

Much of the work people do is repetitive and it constrains the value people add.  Jo loves repetitive tasks – the type of work that leaves users feeling like a robot is right up Jo’s street.

Jo can work around the clock, carries out these tasks faster – without making mistakes – and at less cost.   

We help you to identify where Jo can add value to your organisation.  Jo frees up your human and business potential.

Our Approach

Our vision and ethos is about unlocking human potential and working smarter.

We are strong believers that transformation can be initiated and accelerated by deploying quickly in small steps. This releases benefits and insights early. Scale can then be achieved iteratively and with reduced risks.

We combine our expertise and experience with technology and service partners that share our beliefs and support our delivery model.

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