Our Partners

VaultConnect optimise processes for security, efficiency and customer / user experience using best in class technology partners.

This enables us to deliver enterprise level capability without the need for up-front investment or lengthy implementation timelines.  This means our clients are able to achieve their benefits in real time.

Technology Partners


Cevitr is a UK based company, formed with the philosophy of complementing the automation technology with a simple business engagement model thereby enabling organisations of all sizes to take advantage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Cevitr aim to digitally empower your workforce by offering digital workmates and consultancy services, becoming your digital transformation ally.

Cevitr deploy ‘Jo’ – a Digital Workmate – onto clients’ systems to carry out mundane repetitive tasks. By taking over mundane, repetitive tasks, Jo frees up employees to pursue more meaningful challenges that require human judgement and skill.

Find out more at www.cevitr.com

Safe 4 Information Management

Safe4 Information Limited was formed in 2010 to address a need for professional practitioners and other organisations to protect their and their clients’ confidential information.

The platform has been developed based on a vision of providing an effective way to communicate with clients efficiently and without risking the security of important documents.

Using Safe4 enables business owners to manage critical document communication processes more securely, at lower cost and with more benefits for their clients.

The platform is widely used across banking, healthcare and the public sector as well as many leading legal and accountancy practices.

More information about Safe4, the security accreditations it holds and the platform itself can be found at www.safe-4.co.uk

Service Partners

Intersol Global

Intersol are world-leading subject matter experts in investigation and interviewing, working with any entity that relies on fact, accuracy, and detail, to inform critical decision-making and deliver all the elements that comprise ‘Extraordinary Case Management’ (ECM®).

With associates worldwide, Intersol work strategically with partners to combine subject matter expertise, forensic psychology – and non-technical skills – to train, advise and conduct investigations, fact-finding interviews and associated services.  

Intersol work across sectors that include Financial Services, Human Resources and Workplace Inquiries, Legal, Health, Education, and Sport, Regulators, Health and Safety, Audit and Governance, Regulation and Control (GRC), Government, NGOs and Charities.

Intersol Global the chosen partner and provider of evidence based investigation and interview solutions to any entity that values Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) – The Mark of Investigation Quality. 

Find out more at www.intersolglobal.com

Impact Privacy

Impact Privacy specialises in delivering complete data protection solutions to the healthcare industry with a focus on healthcare products, delivery, services and non-healthcare businesses with complex data protection needs.

Find out more at: www.impactprivacy.com