About VaultConnect

VaultConnect are UK based process and technology experts.

We develop custom solutions and access tools and award-winning automation technology through partners who can support our business model, delivering:

  • Aligned cost / payback
  • Rapid deployment
  • Agile, iterative transformation and scalability

We’ve transformed financial processes, sales admin operations, case management, customer contact / management programmes and implemented fraud prevention measures.  Our pragmatic approach recognises the commercial needs for profitability and client / user experience – and we’ve developed compliance and security solutions that allow clients to reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction whilst eradicating fraud / privacy risk.

We’re committed to helping organisations unlock their human potential and work smarter.

About the team

We’ve worked with enterprise technology for longer than we care to mention – and we recognise the challenges that buying and implementing it brings.

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We also know the challenges of dealing with processes where the core software can’t help – where users have to flip between applications, have to gather additional information or await responses.   Those processes where ‘if only we could integrate…’ is just too difficult – creating human tasks that are manual, repetitive and costly.

In founding VaultConnect we’ve sourced technology and service providers and created a delivery model that allows us to do away with these frustrations.

Our Partners

We’re proud to work with specialist providers of automation technologies that, when combined, enable our clients to transform the way that they work – easily.

As we’ve worked with more and more clients we’ve also recognised that some areas require specialist expertise.  We’ve found leaders and are delighted to recommend them.

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