Don’t Transmit…  VaultConnect

A secure alternative to email and public file sharing applications like Dropbox.

A better ‘self-service’ user experience than a portal ‘add-on’ to existing software.

All of the convenience, none of the risk.

VaultConnect Secure Document Transfer

VaultConnect | Secure Delivery of Sensitive Information

Take control of sharing and exchanging confidential documents and sensitive data – easily and with confidence.

Keep your organisation and your clients productive whilst ensuring valuable information is safe and compliant.

Remove the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of email.  

VaultConnect is a highly secure online repository for storing, managing, collaborating on and distributing highly sensitive data and documents.  

It provides the platform for firms to transform away from inefficient and insecure ‘transmission’ of information, decrease the cost-to-serve and enhance their service to clients.

Work Smarter

The cloud-based secure Vault transforms client communications by placing the information clients need in a secure shared folder.

Easy access and the intuitive interface means that the information that clients need is all in one place.  This vastly reduces the wasted time managing multiple separate filing systems and dealing with ‘can you just send me a copy of…‘ requests.

Exchanging and communicating about new information is simpler – with the steps to share a file reduced by 40% compared with email.  

Accessible via any modern browser, VaultConnect requires minimal setup and is quick to deploy.

Safe and Secure

The cloud-based secure Vault transforms client communications by placing the information clients need in a secure shared folder.

Using independent testing services, VaultConnect and it’s underlying technology ( has been assessed among the top 0.8% most secure sites on the internet, out of more than 1.2 million tested.

All information is protected using military-grade AES-256 encryption and held in EU-located, fully protected data centres, subject to strict security protocols and privacy policies.   Penetration-tested to GCHQ standards and with all documents checked on upload to verify safety you can share sensitive information with complete confidence.

Intuitive and Rapidly Adopted

Making the change couldn’t be easier.  The cloud-based secure Vault is accessible on any modern browser and users quickly familiarise themselves with the intuitive interface.

Admin users are able to start inviting clients immediately.  Internal user training takes minutes and client users pick up the simple layout immediately.

VaultConnect quickly becomes the place to exchange, access and communicate about the information your clients entrust to your firm. 


VaultConnect ensures that confidential information and sensitive data can be stored in line with Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Care Quality Commission (CQC) and General Data Protection Regulation guidelines.

All documents are held securely at UK based data centres that comply with ISO 27001 2005. The underlying Safe4 technology is frequently penetration tested by GCHQ certified professionals.

Fine grained user access, version control and detailed audit trails of which user did what and when supports robust internal management process.  Working with a ‘System of Record’ ensures that all users are looking at the latest version of the same document – creating a single version of the truth.

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